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    Tractors of the 1000 RSM series (370-400 hp) are universal all-wheel drive machines designed to perform any tasks no matter what you put in front of them. They will always be your reliable helpers due to their high reliability throughout the entire service life. For nearly 40 years, Cummins has been a reliable partner and supplier of engines for tractors in this series.

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    A series of articulated tractors Rostselmash 2375 inherited all the best features, significantly adding to the power and comfort. These are efficient, easy-to-maintain and economical machines. When aggregated with modern implements, they can be used in a wide range of agricultural work, in any technology, including minimal-till and no-till.

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    (Ru) Сегодня тракторы серии DT зарекомендовали себя, как простые в управлении и самые надежные машины в сегменте универсальных полноприводных тракторов. Ростсельмаш предлагает на рынке Беларуси и России новую инновационную серию гусеничных тракторов DeltaTrack с шарнирно-сочлененной рамой. Они доступны в четырех моделях 460DT, 520DT, 570DT и 620DT.

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