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PALESSE GS12 – high productive grain harvesting combine with 1500 mm width of threshing-separating device, in which applied acceleration of the grain mass flow before threshing.Distinctive feature of PALESSE GS12 thresher is big diameter of pre-accelerator and threshing drums (600 and 800 mm) – bigger than in any other similar type of thresher.Harvester demonstrate stable threshing while harvesting of «difficult», clogged, high straw and wet grain crops. Special all-wheel drive version of combine effectively use on soils with low supported capacity.

Devise for rapeseed harvesting. Capturing width m 6,0; 7,0
Kits with header for corn harvesting. Number of harvested rows pcs 6; 8
Header for sunflower harvesting. Number of harvested rows pcs 8; 12
Header for soybean harvesting. Capturing  width m 6,0; 7,0
Reducerof drum speed
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